Why NASS can Tight lip Buhari Over Immunity Proposal

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Imagine that members of the Eighth National Assembly had announced during the recent general election campaigns exactly how they were going to tear up section 308 of the 1999 Constitutions (which protects the president, vice president, governors and their deputies against civil and criminal proceedings while they are in office) to grant their leaders immunity from prosecution for corruption and money laundering.

By Barrister Olaniyan

Fellow Nigerians and patriots, we promise you that we will immediately after the elections make sure that our leaders enjoy immunity from prosecution for corruption, money laundering and other similar crimes. We will make sure that our leaders are no longer subject to the criminal law to reflect their powerful positions and show that you are not like any one of us. We stand here today to tell you that we will be doing this to shield us and our leaders from our political foes

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