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It is not amazing that of all the media houses that Oron Youth Movement approached with their embellished lies, Shipping Position Live on Radio and Shipping Position Live Newspaper were the ones they found another allied in.

Shipping Position Live on radio as well as Shipping Position Live newspaper is known for its hatchet job and that was why Association of Licensed Customs Agents, one of the most respected leading associations in the maritime sector in Nigeria, banned the newspaper from covering any of their activities.

By Ovie Edomi

Now, I know why the association banned Shipping Position Live. When I was contracted by Sesan Onileimo over the petition in his possession and the urgent need for him to go to press with the story. I told him to wait and that the Rector is ready to speak with him via an interview on the issues. But Mr. Sesan Onileimo told me that he called the Rector and the Rector cut his call and for that singular reason, he burst out: “Who does he think he is? When people get into big office, they assume bigger-than-life attitude why would he not pick calls. I will go ahead with the story.”
Indeed Onileimo, the editor-in-chief/chief executive of Shipping Position Live has gone ahead with the story titled Youths Drag Rector Before EFCC.

It has already been noted that people with shady characters are often denied the good page of history.

Sesan and I met at the Maritime Academy of Nigeria, Oron, sometime in 2008 or so. Since then he has never been to the Academy. Yet he sees the academy from the same eye of 2008. This is not surprising because, reports have it that he was one of those going round media houses in 2012 looking for young journalists to list into an army that will become foot soldiers that would fight for the removal of the Rector shortly after his appointment in 2011.

That plot failed eventually but the animosity appears not to have left the likes of the Shipping Position Live Newspaper editor/publisher and chief executive, which is why the newspaper became a fertile ground for the OYOM movement to pitch their tent.

I am not here to sing-praise Okpo but just to take us through the past.

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