A painful recovery

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Humphrey Alofoje, 51, was bubbling with life until diabetes struck and he had to relocate from Lagos to Benin City, the Edo state capital. Unable to bear the agonizing pains in his leg he was taken to the University of Benin Teaching Hospital, UBTH where he was admitted for treatment in August, 2014.

After months of treatment he got healed but his sight could not be restored. The indignity of being blind is one thing that Alofoje has learnt to live with since his travail started.

Added to his blindness is the challenge of settling his hospital bills at UBTH. At a ward meant for patients who have been discharged but held until they pay their hospital bills, a worried Alofuje told a relation with the reporter standing by that, he feels greatly discourage by the way and manner he has been subjected to. He told the brother that medical students come to him and plead with him to allow them examine some parts of his body. In the process, he says he takes off his shirt and pulls his trousers to his knee, a development which he described as humiliating and laments his inability to pay his hospital bills as a factor responsible for the dehumanizing experience.

Investigations by the magazine revealed that Alofoje

Sharing is caring!

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