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Sometime in January, one of the magazine’s editors ran into a friend and as they were discussing, another phone call came in. The editor could hear the caller telling his friend that she was tired of remaining in one position for eight years. As the conversation ended, the editor asked what the matter was and behold, one thing led to the other, before we knew it, the editor burst into the editorial board the next week smiling. What is amiss, another editor asked him and he threw the bombshell, l have a story on NYSC. By the time editors looked at the news value of the information at hand, they agreed that more investigations needed to be carried out. Two editors were deployed. One from the head office and the other from Abuja to tap on inside sources. What came out of it, is an in depth investigation that led to our cover story for this month’s edition titled ” Shrinking NYSC: How A Brigadier-General sit on Top a Time Bomb. Aside the cover story NYSC Director- General, Brigadier-General Johnson Dele Olawumi responded to the magazine’s questions. Both the cover story and the interview are as interesting as you can imagine. Both were anchored by yours truly.

Benson Davis, a Prince from the oil-rich Rivers state, caused a stir when he called the editor-in-chief to say that he was in the creeks monitoring smugglers. Hope you disguised yourself very well was the question thrown at Prince Davis and he said” Don’t worry”. Days later he sent in a story of how smugglers bring into Nigeria tonnes of rice imported through Benin Republic using land routes and creeks. The story is titled You Can’t Beat Us. Also Davis investigated the story of how the Officer in Charge of FOU lkeja warehouse along with his second in Command connive with a Businessman to sell of seized goods at the warehouse. The two stories are a must read:-)

Archbishop God-Dowell Avwomakpa, the chairman of CAN in the South South zone and also Chairman of the Association of Niger Delta Bishops reacted to the Nasir El-Rufai religion bill before the Kadunna state House of Assembly seeking to give license to Preachers and Churches /Mosques as well as the plan for Nigeria to join Islamic nations to fight terrorism. The story is titled ” You Can Not Islamise Nigeria

There are several stories in this edition that will interest our devoted readers. As usual our regular pages will help to spice up your month. Do have a great time reading and a wonderful month ahead.

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From the Editorial Suite

Out of divine inspiration, yours truly called one of the magazine

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