There is Silence In Aso Rock and Silence everywhere

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Prof: Happy school resumption  distinguished students

All Students: Silence

Prof: Are there no students in this Post-Graduate class of Pull-him-down oh Ph.D set?

All Students: Another silence

By Ovie Edomi

Prof:  People especially PG Students are no longer afraid of Professors. Your  wives are not afraid or respectful of the VC either. You are fighting back at the School authority including the VC. People are insulting VC and PMB Government without fear.

All Students: Silence.

Prof: The other day, there were strange gunshots in the seat of power. A trained officer of the law discharged his weapons in trying to impose the will of Aisha on another man. The other day Akpabio listed the names of those  milking NDDC dry. Oh pity pity

All Students: Silence

Prof:  What manner of conspiracy of silence theory is this? Why is everyone silent.  Are you hiding something from me?

All Students:  Our Mumu don do

Prof:   “As far as I am concerned,

I have been here for some time and I led the first prayer and fasting for Nigeria in 1979. I am not a baby in the affairs of Nigeria.  Their days are numbered. I can tell you as a Pro… that their days are numbered.”

All Students: Even your days are numbered too

Prof:  You think l am Oshio that was beaten like a small boy and removed  ‘kpatapkata’  from office. Are you tempting me?

All Students: Yes oooo.

7th Student:  There is too much killings by Boko haram in this campus located in your home state. Are you not tired of  bandits taking over the Savannah and Sambisa forest along with kidnapping and killing of people all over our territory?

Prof: Is that the cause of the silence? And is that why you want me dead?

18th Student: Service Chiefs on campus have served way beyond their tenures. Now there is low morale of troops.  Besides it is affecting the career of other senior Lecturers and security officers.

24th Students: Something is wrong Professor. I don’t subscribe to  this your conspiracy silent theories. You people at the top are  hiding something from us. We will react ooo!

Prof: Something like what?

All Students: Uncommon secrets

Prof:  Mind you we are not in NDDC, NCDC, EFCC, NNPC, NIMC, WAEC  and all the ‘C’ classes or institutions.  Anyway lets talk to save Nijia

19th student: Are you referring to Prince Tony Momoh’s  To save Nigeria, Let’s  talk or you mean you actually want to dialogue with us?

Prof: Now, it’s NDDC, tomorrow it might be NCDC and from the look of things, you student mean business

All Students:Yes oooo. Our mumu don do.

Prof: Because I am involved let us reason together

All Students: So that you can give us uncommon slap?

Prof:  I recognize that it was the increase in the cost of bread that caused the French revolution so we will not get there.

All Students: We are waiting and watching

Prof: Can we go on a recess meanwhile

All Students: If you like you can faint while going on recess but know that today na today.

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