Red meat causes diabetes, cut your intake

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Did you know that it takes three days for meat to digest in the stomach? I am sure many lovers of the delicacy are not aware of the effect that red meat consumption may have on their digestive system.

Yet, food experts say it is not only your digestive system that suffers when you eat meat regularly, as many do in these climes where a meal without it is seen as a poor diet.

Consultant cardiologist, Dr. James Adetayo, says many do not know that eating meat regularly, which he says can be as much as three times a week, can predispose them to heart disease, a condition that is responsible for the highest mortality in the world.

Adetayo notes that red meats such as beef, pork and lamb have more cholesterol and saturated fats than what you can find in white meats such as chicken and fish.

The danger that lies in eating red meat as often as people do these days, according to the experts, is that the cholesterol levels in meat raise fatty acids levels in the body, thus provoking heart disease.

He says,

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