Providing Succour for Immigrants

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When she left the shores of Nigeria for the United Kingdom, UK, in 2004, she did not plan to get herself involved in activism in a foreign land. Indeed, the prospect of taking her music career to the next level informed her decision to relocate to the UK, as Her Knowledgeable, Professor Alexia Thomas, a Nigerian-born UK-based activist, who was then popularly known as Lizzy Henz, had already carved a niche for herself in the Nigerian music industry with her high-life reggae-style of music, which she used in preaching against societal ills. But no sooner had she arrived the UK than she was inundated with different cases of immigration issues of many African immigrants, who desired to relocate to the UK. It was the drive to use proper instrumentation of the law to ease these challenges that brought out the activist in her.
By Evelyn Etinagbedia

Through her several organisations such as the Independent Diplomatic Commission, IDC, a body that seeks to promote the equity and rights of Africans; The Commonwealth Liberation Party, TCLP, a political platform that gives opportunities to Africans who seek political offices and the Protectorate Police Commission, PPC, which helps to secure bail for arrested immigrants, Professor Thomas has contributed immensely in upholding the rights of Africans living in the UK.

For instance, she has been able to use the PPC to

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