Nigerian Man Seeks Advice Over UK Wife Divorce Paper

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Nigerian married man has come out to seek advice regarding the situation he found himself. According to him, ” I am a married man with two children.

My wife travelled to the UK after successful scholarships offer, but it is now four years, she has not yet returned. Each time I ask her why she hasn’t returned as we agreed, she will complain about different challenges she’s going through over there. Before the end of last year, she met a white man who promised to help her get her stay and give her a better life but on the condition that she will divorce me and get married to him”.

According to him, “my wife sent me a divorce letter which I need to sign to prove that we are no longer married. She told me I should act along because through the White man, she would have more opportunities over there and also have financial stability and be given a stay in the UK and she would be sending me money to support our two children. She said if I didn’t sign the divorce letter, she might be deported anytime. She also warned me not to tell anyone including our families because she told me we should make it a secret.

I am confused, the man stated asking well meaning people to advise him before it’s too late.

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