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Your cover story titled Why Bureaux De Change, BDC, Owners Are Waging War Against the Naira, made very interesting reading. In fact, the CBN must continue with the restriction it has placed on the bureaux de change operators, otherwise they will continue to dwindle the value of the naira by embarking on rent-seeking speculations thereby killing our naira.

Frank Ndubisi,

Apapa, Lagos State.

Enough of the leading role that bureaux de change operators play in speculating the value of the naira in the parallel market. If we allow it for long, very soon the falling value of the naira will be unimaginable. CBN must live up to its responsibilities.

Gabriel Asamota,

Benin City, Edo State.


The story on why BDC owners are waging war against the naira should not be treated with levity. In fact, the CBN should come out harder on the BDC operators, otherwise we would discover that we are all at their mercy in relation to the values of the naira in exchange to the dollar.

Felix Omoyibo,

Abraham, Delta State.


I read with delight the plan by CBN to restrict BDC operators. For me that is the best way to control the astronomical slide the naira is exchanging with the dollar and other top world currency.

Abel Ogbe,

Benin City, Edo State.


The restriction placed by CBN on BDC operators is to encourage local production and safeguard the naira from the free fall. All well- meaning Nigerians should give the CBN the needed support. The era of CDB determining our naira value must come to an end.

Emeka Okafor,

Oritsuwa, Anambra State.


Whether we like it or not the BDC operators are secretly waging war against the naira and well- meaning Nigerians must come together to confront this sabotage against the nation’s currency. Anything short of that will plunge the naira into a mess.

Patrick Elele,

Port-Harcourt, Rivers State.


It is interesting to read your story titled: “How Honest Is this Amazing Wealth of Kennedy Opara?” Under normal circumstances the man should not be seen serving in the President Buhari’s administration because he was among those whose actions as executive secretary, NCPC, made of mockery of our pilgrimage exercise.

Festus Okotie,

Calabar, Cross River State.


The story of Kennedy Opara as published by your magazine is to say the least most unfortunate. What will it benefit a man to acquire the whole world and lose his integrity. Okpara’s action as ES of NCPC is to say the least not commendable.


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