How to Make Money Selling Other People’s Products With or Without a Website – Affiliate Marketing

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Affiliate marketing is the promotion of other people’s products, using a platform of your choice that places your links for prospective buyers to click on to make purchases. When clients buy goods along with services that are being promoted through your affiliate link, a commission is paid to you. Being an affiliate is like a salesperson for the company that owns the goods as well as services marketed. For helping them sell their goods, they pay a commission as agreed with them. As a marketer, someone can sell as a great number of products as possible from the companies represented. Sellers can promote products as well as services of different companies to get paid commissions from them. It is not compulsory that you must own a website before becoming a marketer; besides it can be done from home.
By Austin Okonji

Let us look at how this type of marketing works: business owners in affiliate marketing programs are called merchants. They allocate unique codes to each partner for proper identification whenever sales are made so that commissions are paid to the appropriate sellers. The link created for each marketer enables them to track sales made by them. Whenever a potential buyer clicks on that link, a file called a cookie will be stored on any device used by the buyer. All affiliate cookies help merchants relate every sale to the right seller. Cookies have expiry dates, and even if potential buyers delay purchasing a product people still get paid whenever the purchase is made in the future.


How to start marketing company’s goods as a beginner without previous knowledge? The first step is to come up with a good idea, the product with the service can be yours originally, but there are others that can be chosen from in the marketplace. Intending marketers need to figure out which niches are in demand before committing resources and money. Be sure goods or services they have chosen to sell must deliver something which solves people’s problems. Those goods may be in areas that people are interested in and have passion for. A critical area to master before becoming a success in this business is conducting proper research about your chosen products as well as services before putting time and money into the campaign.


Decide on a marketing platform to use for your job from the following list, blog, also YouTube channel. In theory, this type of vocation can be done on any platform, people can equally carryout the marketing on social media and can decide to do without any of them. However, sales can easily be increased by using either a Blog, YouTube channel, etc. These days starting a blog with YouTube channel is very easy and relatively inexpensive as there are companies offering domain name hosting to choose from in the industry. To have a greater chance for ranking your offers, optimize blogs for search engines, and then add your links for promotion.


After setting up the platform, it is now time to find good programs to join. Some of them pay very high commissions but with low product volumes, while others have high volumes with a low payout. You have to decide which of them you wish to join based on perception and some hindsight. If the decision is to join Amazon, sellers can earn as much as 10% commission per sale. There are other programs like Click bank, Commission Junction in the market that are good. Depending on the niche market chosen, someone can join a program with a low commission if into consumer items. Doing keyword research is of great importance for success in every niche as it helps you know which keywords or phrases that can rank easily.


Start creating great and high-quality content for the website if you are desirous of being successful in this industry. Be sure that content created for the site as well as YouTube Channel offers great value to readers and viewers in order to solve problems for them. If you are doing reviews, make sure you have bought the product and used it as this will give you first-hand knowledge about the product. With this you will make a good success of this new business, if it cannot be bought because of limited finance, then start offering those you have used before. After creating content for your blog or YouTube Channel, start driving traffic to it so that they can start clicking on links. Select profitable niches for your business, these are specific interests or goals that people share and be sure that the audience is highly interested in offers in the niche.

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