Editors Pull Out of Proposed Maritime journalists Association

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The proposed merger of all Maritime Media Organizations ran into serious hitch at the weekend with the pulling out of its most senior partner – the League of Maritime Editors (LOME).

Earlier, three associations had greed to fuse into what is called Association of Maritime journalists of Nigeria (AMJON).

Those groups include – The League of Maritime Editors, Non – Aligned and Maritime Correspondents of Nigeria (MARCON).
At the Groups’ rescheduled General meeting at the weekend attended by the merging groups except MARCON; the League of Maritime Editors expressed disappointment over what it observed as name – dropping and unprofessional behavior of some members as one of the key reasons for its action.

The League also frowned at the hijacking of the intended new Association by seemingly unqualified persons masquerading as journalists and whose motive is self – serving.
The League further expressed displeasure at the way

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