Editorial Suite – May 2015

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Contrary to the general belief and fear amongst Christians that if elected General Muhammadu Buhari will Islamise Nigeria, the real agenda is not Buhari but top Islamic fundamentalists who want to capture the whole Africa in the next 20 years beginning with Nigeria, Africa’s giant nation Just as Nigerians from all walks of life were congratulating General Muhammadu Buhari on his victory at the presidential election, some Islamists were aglow with excitement while other Muslems went wild in their jubilation in far away Turkey, Saudi Arabia, Mali and so on.

The celebration according to the magazine’s finding was a demonstration of ripples that will sweep through Nigeria and cause a storm that will likely cause a tempest in West Africa and much later the whole of Africa. Sharia was introduced in Zamfara State by Sani Yerima during his first term as governor and Olusegun Obasanjo, then president, said Sharia would fizzle out. But what Obasanjo did not give a second thought to, is that every Muslim wants an Islamic state in his lifetime. Those with inside knowledge say establishing an Islamic state is not what a few people can do, rather a group has to be gingered into action to prosecute the agenda for a long time. Thus, a Muslim who was converted to Christianity recently told the magazine that following a meeting of the OIC in 1983 in London, the body agreed to prosecute serious spread of Islam with focus in Nigeria, Uganda, Liberia, Cape Verde, South Africa and Democratic Republic of Congo. Thus in the last three decades, so much fund has been deployed to prosecute the spread of Islam in Nigeria.

It is believed that since Africa has a large percentage of Muslims, if only they are able to take over the entire North East, North West of Nigeria including the North Central, they will move to the South West by 2015. The Islamic Movement of Nigeria, also known as the ShiIte who do not see any leader or clerics as having moral right to offer political or spiritual leadership in Nigeria, and therefore has been desirous of an Islamic state was among the group that went wide in jubilation last, month when the result of the general election showed that a Muslim was going to be president of Nigeria.

The move to spread Islam all through the Southwest in 2015 according to the magazine’s source will now begin with radical vigour especially now that a Muslim has been elected president. Though Nigeria is a secular state but the mere fact that the Nigerian constitution mention the word Sharia 73 times; Islam 28 times and Muslim ten times with no single mention of Christianity makes some people to ask whether Nigeria is actually an Islamic, Christian or secular country. However, the mock battle that the British fought with the caliphate on September 30, 1960 in which the British surrendered to the caliphate was seen by the Muslims to mean that the British handed over Nigeria to the Northern caliphate. The implication according to Islamic scholars is that since Nigeria is handed over to the caliphate, the religion of the caliphate should automatically be the religion in practice all over Nigeria. In fact, most of the Islamic radical groups in Nigeria with allegiance to their Islamic groups in Palestine, Iran, etc are waiting to see when Nigeria will become an Islamic state. For instance, most of the Islamic militant groups in the Middle East particularly Hamas in Palestine and Hezbollah in Lebanon which are led by Shiite clerics, believe that with a radical and political approach, Nigeria will in matter of years become a country that is inhabited by more Muslims than Christians.

Those with inside knowledge of the working of the Islamic militant groups say that the president who takes over in 2015 will determine the new foundation of rebuilding Nigeria and in rebuilding, the over 30 years plan to Islamise Nigeria must be implemented one way or the other. Though statistics obtained by the magazine indicate that Christians form the majority in southern Nigeria, the Muslims in Nigeria accounts for 45 per cent of the Nigerian population and the Muslims live largely in northern Nigeria. Out of the Christian population, about 30 million are Catholics. The calculation is that in the next 20 years, Muslim leaders will remain in office in Nigeria and that will pave way for laying a new foundation for Islam in the Southeast. Already, the Southeast, which hardly has indigenes as Muslims now have Igbos as Alhaji’s. In fact, those with inside knowledge say that Ibo girls now marry Ibo Muslim while half of Abukaliki is believed to be Muslims.

The belief is that Christianity in the Southeast which boost of a lot of Catholics and other Born Again Christians can be replaced with Islam if so much money is pumped into the project. To achieve this, young men who want to convert from Christianity to Islam are given between N5million and N10million. In some cases, the converts are given an amount to build a house with a Mosque in the compound thereafter another amount of money is given to the new convert to start business. A cleric told the magazine that so many young men are falling for it in the Southeast and are equally marrying Muslim ladies. The believe according to the cleric is that if the Igbo man falls for the Islamic extremists agenda, the South South region will equally be lured by money to also fall for the religion. Already the Southwest which has embraced Islam do not see much difference between Islam and Christianity. Though, the core Muslims do not see the Yoruba Muslims as true worshippers, they nonetheless, continue to encourage them to embrace the Islam religion and this is paying off with Lagos, Oyo, Osun, Ogun and Ondo states indigenes mostly Muslims. The magazine gathered that the Islamic Jihad Organisation, IJO, and some clerics are being used to persecute the spread of Islam across Nigeria, West Africa and much later the whole of Africa. The calculation is that once Nigeria, can fall for Islam, it will be easy to capture Liberia and the rest West African countries.

Already the IJO and other groups are making in-roads into Uganda, DR Congo and South Africa. The IJO is believed to operate a co-operative society which is used to support businessmen, clerics Jihadist groups and other Islamic activities. The magazine’s source revealed that it is from such co-operatives that the group hopes to release money to persecute the spread of Islam to the Southeast and South South of Nigeria. Already some businessmen and offshore businesses are used by the co-operatives to provide support for young men and women who want to join Islam on the ground that they will allow their homes to be used as cells for clandestine activities of any of the Jihadist agenda. While the magazine reporter was working on this report, it was reported that the South Africa authority detain a girl in Cape Town for trying to join an Islamic group. Also in Kenya and Nigeria, children are recruited into the militant arm of the Jihadist group to provide terrorist infrastructure and logistic support for the jihadists. Meanwhile, there are reports that apart from the jihadists getting support from Palestine, Iraq and Syria, nearly half of the European jihadists known to have travelled to territory held by the extremist Islamic group are French, it was revealed that over 1,430 French people have made their way to Iraq and Syria representing 47 per cent of Jihadists from Europe, while French domestic intelligence services are currently monitoring over 3000 people suspected to be involved one way or the other in Syrian network. There are concerns in some quarters that the Islamic brotherhood is akin to one of the nation’s political parties.

Those with inside knowledge say while the political party in question will deploy so much money into winning so much support for the party, and ensure that Muslims are given massive employment, their Christian counterparts who think more of money will be lured into the party and given money to fund politics inside the church and most churches that are interested in money to build cathedrals will fall for their politics. According to the magazine’s source, the church which does not have an army of evangelists or strong disciples will discover that it has fallen for the strategy of the Muslims. Thus, under the guise of politics, the Southwest which has been captured will help spread the religion rapidly. When the issue came up at a retreat organised by a church in Lagos, a senior pastor asked

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Editorial – May 2015

Let the Government Cut Down on Political Aides and Tackle Corruption

The recently held elections in which General Muhammadu Buhari emerged as the president-elect of our great country, indicate that power has moved from the ruling party to the main opposition party in Nigeria.

And if the antecedent of the President

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