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This edition of South-South International has reduced pages in order for our esteemed readers to still be able to buy it at a cover price of N500. We were almost tempted to maintain the normal 56 and sometimes 64 pages of your normal news investigative magazine but considering how the COVID-19 pandemic has dealt a big blow on the citizenry, our editorial management team agreed that our esteemed readers and followers should not be deprived the privilege of reading us owing to increase cost of production that may ordinarily lead to increase in the cost of the cover price. After serious deliberation, management agreed on a reduction in pagination and the cover price but then everything is printed in colour on direct imaging.

You will find two interviews in this edition and two of the personalities need no introduction. One is a maritime stakeholder with a deep interest in oil and gas. He is the president of the leading Customs freight forwarders Association in Nigeria: ANLCA. The other personalities is the former chairman of PDP in Lagos State and former member of the House of Representatives, Setonji Gbemenu Koshoedo popularly known as Kosh. The two interviews are input-downable.

Another story that you can not but notice is the special investigation that the editors have been working on for 3 months. One Mr Daniel Okache, a self-acclaimed Apostle was arrested months back and a search conducted on his house revealed that he has items used by native doctors in his wardrobe. He told the police – ‘I am not a native doctor, I am a spiritualist’. Do spiritualist go by the appellation of Apostle? Who does the Bible say apostles are and why bear the title of an apostle when what the believer does is more or less sorcerer hypnotism or spiritualism?  This got our team of editors working on different theories especially with what some end time servants of God have turned the church into.  The story which took months to investigate ought to appear in our last month edition but was suspended. It is here, titled “An Apostle or a Native Doctor? Yours truly anchored the story.

However our cover story is on how security personnel have turned the nation’s highways to their ATM. The story was written by our newly promoted Assistant Editor and head of Asaba/Onitsha Office, Linus Okolo along with Success Okuchimeya, our new Assistant Editor and head of Warri/Benin office.  The story is very trilling and truly investigative.

There are other stories in this edition that will interest you. Do have a great and rewarding month ahead.

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