And the girl died

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He is 19 years old and illiterate. Yet he knows how to prescribe drugs. You certainly wonder how he mastered the act. He has been watching his father. And on May 26, his father allowed him to prescribe and sell drugs to patients. One of whom was a 14-year-old girl.
By Benson Davies
The incident which occurred in a chemist shop in Kano later metamorphose into Stevens-Johnson Syndrome (SJS) an ailment that eventually killed the 14-year- old girl.

Those with inside knowledge say Amina Bala Ibrahim and her younger brother went to a chemist near their residence in Dala council area of Kano. After she narrated her problem to the chemist she met in the shop he prescribed antibiotic and Septrin, to Amina, thinking perhaps that the drugs would relieve her of her sickness.

Later in the day Amina

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