And Mrs Grace Osawaru nee Urhobotie Goes to Meet Her Maker

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It was indeed, a tragic and sad day for the Osawaru and Urhobotie families as well as friends as late Mrs Grace Idiavwetarue Osawaru  popularly called “Baby” from her youth days because of her beauty and  humility, who gathered to pay their last respect to her.

By Success Okuchemiya

Born on May 19, 1968, to the family of late Pastor Vincent and late Mrs Vic Urhobotie, she got married in Warri  to her Husband, Dr. Patrick Osawaru in 1990 and the family is blessed with four Children. Until her death on July 8 this year, she was a successful business woman and caring mother. At the business place and in the church as well as wherever she was given a task, she served diligently, faithfully and brilliantly. She also remained steadfast in the service of God.

While admonishing the audience who graced the burial service at the Catholic Church, Rev Fr. Magnus Alim, Parish Priest of St. Jude Catholic Church GRA Effurun, noted that “Seeing the crowd, Jesus went up the hill. There He sat down and was joined by His disciples. Reading Matthew 5:1-12, the Priest noted: happy are the poor, in spirit, yours is the kingdom of heaven. Happy are the gentle for they shall have the earth for their heritage. Happy are those who mourn they shall be comforted. Happy are those who hunger and thirst for what is right they shall be satisfied.  Happy are the merciful for they shall have mercy shown them. Happy are the pure in heart they shall see God. Happy are the Peacemakers for they shall be called the sons of God. Happy are those who are persecuted for Righteousness sake, theirs is the Kingdom of heaven. Happy are those when people abuse and persecute you and speak all kind of calumny against you on my account rejoice and be glad for your reward is in Heaven”

Speaking further Fr. Magnus, encouraged the Family of the deceased to take consolation in God’s words which assures believers  that all true worshippers will rest in  the bosom of the Lord, He thus  urged people to put their trust in God and continue to do good as well as treat their neighbors right at  the workplace, in the  market places,  in the Church and anywhere in the  Society.

Death according to the Catholic Priest can come knocking on anyone on a day we do not know as a result, he urged every believer to be prepared for it.  He However noted that the late Mrs Grace Osawaru lived a Godly Life while on earth and her works are worthy of emulation.

While commenting on the deceased husband Dr. Patrick O. Osawaru wrote” My dear wife your exist is like a fast burning Candle in the  wind. The period you lived, your life was exemplary, solemn and motherly. Indeed, you gave a different definition to what is called marriage institution because of the way you managed marriage “.

Her daughter, Linda Eruhunmwunse Osawaru noted that her mother raised her to be the strong Woman she is and cared for her children, loved  all of them equally as well as always ready to help the needy.  She described her late mother as humble and peaceful woman.

Similarly, Osawaru Orleans Ovate, first son of the deceased described her late mother as caring, intelligent, faithful, an awesome mummy.  He says it is difficult for him and his siblings to handle the tragic shock. In his words, our consolation is that there is life after death and we will meet again at the sound of the trumpet. The deceased twin brother, Mr. Felix Urhobotie,  noted in lament that the sister with whom they came to this world together left too soon. He however  noted that in every situation, God knows the best time to call us home for that reason he says he give God  all  the glory and for a life well spent on earth.

Indeed, the Mrs Grace Idiavwetarue Osawaru may have gone to join her maker, her good works and the memories of those she affected their lives live on.

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