Urhobos in Europe Chose The Best of The Best

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It was a classic case of showcasing the Urhobo culture in far away Europe.

Ogheneyovwe Edomi

Urhobo the fifth ethnic tribe in Nigeria out of over 350 ethic tribes, has a formidable Union, known as Urhobo Progress Union, UPU. The Union which has braches worldwide is over 90 years old, and is believed to be the oldest socio-cultural ethic organization in Africa.Serving in any leadership position of the Apex Urhobo socio-cultural organization is not only a test of character and patriotism but equally a show of determination to serve humanity in Urhobo land and worldwide with one’s skill, resources, and so on.

When recently, Urhobos in the Diaspora, particularly in Europe did election to elect new executives that will conduct the affairs of the Union for the next three years, it was in every inch, an important event as the contestants were the cynosure of all, from Uvwiamuge- Agbarho to Okere road and across the globe where Urhobo sons and daughters live.

The election generated much interest from both within Urhobos in Europe and in Nigeria, because Urhobo Progress Union (UPU) Europe Leaders Forum have over the years participated in UPU’s annual Urhobo National Congress and Urhobo National Day Celebration.

Interestingly, various leaders of UPU branches across Europe, contested the election that was geared towards fostering unity and progress within the Urhobo community in Europe. At the end of the election Chief Ejiro Ughwujabo, was elected,President of UPU UK. He is expected to lead the forum/ UPU as the new Regional President.

Also elected as Regional Vice President is Chief (Dr) Richard Iyede. Until the current status, Dr. Iyede’s leadership prowess has seen him remain as President of UPU Ireland. Over the decades, Chief Dr Iyede has been instrumental to the promotion of Urhobo culture and values in Diaspora and contributed towards the growth of Urhobo land in diverse ways. He recently gave scholarship to the best Urhobo student from Ewu, with the highest Unified Maltriculation Examination score.

Interestingly too, Engineer Efe A. Ugbarugba, President of UPU Turkey, was elected as the Regional Secretary.
Engineer Ugbarugba is famous for his organizational skills and dedication to community service and general growth of Urhobo land and Urhobo people.
Others elected are Chief (Mrs) Onome Efebeh-Oboroh, new Regional Treasurer and also Vice President of UPU UK. She is known for her financial acumen and her transparent quality, will be invaluable at a time like this.
Anita Onono, Secretary of UPU Cyprus, was elected Regional Assistant Secretary. Ms. Onono has been an active member of the community, working tirelessly to support UPU initiatives at home and in the Diaspora. Mr. Emmanuel Tebrise, Secretary of UPU Ireland, was equally elected as the Regional Financial Secretary. Mr. Tebrise’s meticulous attribute and attention to details will certainly ensure accurate financial records of the Union.

Others are Prince Noble Otadaferua, who was elected public relations and social media officer. He is currently the Secretary of UPU Netherlands.Ms. Gladys Ogwa, was elected regional Event/Social Organizing Officer. Ms. Gladys Ogwa, is currently, Treasurer of UPU Ireland.She is expected to coordinate events / social activities for the regional body and, this is where her organizational skills will be required to make all the programmes and events of UPU a huge success.

Meanwhile, Mr. Chris Ubiebi, President of UPU Netherlands, will serve as the Regional Legal Officer. It is expected that Mr. Ubiebi’s legal expertise will guide the forum in legal matters. Mrs. Rose Akporike, Chairlady of UPU Barcelona, Spain, has been elected as the Regional Welfare Officer. Mrs. Akporike’s dedication to welfare initiatives is expected to ensure further support for community members in need.

Similarly, Mr. Sunday Avwunudje, President of UPU Barcelona, Spain, will maintain order and discipline as the Regional Provost. Mr. Avwunudje’s leadership skills will be brought to bear to uphold the Union’s standards.

All the elected officers are expected to bring fresh skills and innovative ideas to the UPU Europe Leaders Forum in order to foster growth and unity among Urhobo people across Europe. No doubt, this is good news for all Urhobos especially the UPU, whose motto remains: unity is strength.No wonder Chief Mrs Grace Aghoghovwia described UPU Europe as a leading example of Urhobos in Europe that must be applauded for their unique roles

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