Our editors had a difficult time deciding which stories to run for the January 2017 edition.

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First, a cover story was already agreed on by editors but just as the story was becoming more revealing, another editorial board meeting of editors was held where it was agreed that another developing story relating to General Overseers of churches, bishops, pastors, Imams and so on which has been on for some time with the now suspended code of the Financial Reporting Council should be given prominence. This was against the background of reports that Pastor Adejare Adeboye of the RCCG has appointed a new General Overseer for RCCG in Nigeria while he becomes the General Overseer RCCG, Worldwide.

Thus in this edition we have a main cover titled: FRCN vs The Church-The fight ends before it starts while the ban on importation of cars through the Nigeria land borders becomes a special investigation.

Two interviews are in this edition that you will find very interesting the first is with the amazon at NPA, the Authourity

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