Our challenge at the moment in Delta People’s Forum is funding

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Prince Iwhiwhu Ogaga Kester Snr, an Educator and  socialite has transversed all the local government areas in Delta State and enjoys the support of the indigene.  A graduate of Banking and Finance  and Masters degree in Management from the University of Nigeria, Nsukka, the Agbarha Otor born grassroot mobilize and Proprietor  of Kestella Model School, Ughelli, as well as National President of Delta People’s Forum, a grassroot Pressure group that is set to greatly mobilize the Indigenes  of Delta State to achieve better State spoke on a wide range of issues.

By Sucesss Okuchimeya

So many political groups are positioning themselves ahead of 2023. What are the goals and mission of this group?

You are right to say that many political groups are emerging with different agenda but our group, Delta People’s forum is established to among other things:  strengthen and bring together under one umbrella all Delta State indigenes irrespective of their political, ethnicity or religious affiliations. That way, we act as a forum for all Delta State indigenes to network and share expertise and knowledge that seek to promote the interest of the forum and its members by further facilitating cordial relations between members  and governmental bodies  especially those with responsibilities for and regulating the educational sector and other sectors for the development of the state.  Our other aims and mission are: to observe, highlight, address, inform, educate and suggest legislative and administrative measures that may either directly or indirectly affect the interest of the forum and its members, to help Delta State indigenes get appropriate training programme in their respective fields or areas of expertise and dididend of democracy. We also share experience and collaborate with other national and international assemblies /associations that believe in our  ideal, aims and objectives. We also aim at assisting Delta State indigenes in their chosen trades and professions by providing them with career opportunities/guide with a view to making them productive members of the society amongst others.

What political interest are you out to promote. It is that of the youth or the masses?

No, our interest is  masses oriented but with focus on the youth.


What do you intend to do differently to earn the respect of the teeming public?

We intend to monitor government projects in the State, advise on ways and methods of improving the standards of education and provide career guidance and motivation to Delta State indigenes as well as  help Delta State indigenes on how to get appropriate training programmes in their respective fields or areas of expertise.


At the moment what level of support are you enjoying in the Senatorial zones from political stakeholders and the youths?

We are not getting support from political stakeholders. None at all. At the moment, we levy ourselves in all our activities that have been carried out so far.


Is your group working for any Political party?

No we are not working for any political party


Any challenges so far with respect to leadership, funding the group and supporting young persons who are interested in politics?

In terms of leadership, we have no problem, but funding the Group is a big problem / challenge at the moment. But Rome they say was not built in a day. We will keep on facing our challenges and someday, we shall overcome.


Youth of today hardly respect responsible elders and leaders. Are you doing anything about this?

Yes you are absolutely correct and that is one of our aims and objectives. It is one thing we hope to address in this generation especially beginning from the youths of today.


Traditional rulers have equally been under youths’ attack. What does this portend for the future?

There is no other way to put it than to say that it portends a bad development for our culture and tradition but in the modern world that we are in, traditional rulers should equally know that the world of the 21st century has changed. The era of the 14th, 15th, 16th , 17th and 18th centuries have passed. Traditional rulers of the 21st century must be full of wisdom, educated as well as respect themselves so that their subjects can equally give them the respect that they deserve. But quite frankly, traditional rulers are custodians of our customs and oral tradition. They deserve to be respected and honoured.


Do you have any political ambition to run for elective office?

That is not in my widest imagination at the moment.

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