Nigeria: More Troubles Ahead

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The agitation for restructuring is taking a new dimension with some groups singing the songs of violence

Pa Oghenevware Samuel, 104, worked with the colonial masters. In his account: he did not only see the colonial masters, he saw the years of the struggle for independence by the nationalists and the celebration of the First Republic. He witnessed the years of locusts rule by the men in uniform, and the civil war that was followed by coups and prolong military rule until this democracy hit us on the face.

By Ovie Edomi
He also heard the voices shouting that the presidency be left for the South-west to contest as a way to appease them for the annulment of the June 12, 1993 presidential election.
Last month, when this reporter visited him in his countryhome he said he heard that the drumbeats of agitations and calls for restructuring is louder than the call for Independence in 1960. Pa Ogheneware expressed deep worries not for himself but for the present generation of Nigerians.
Indeed, if a 104-year-old could express worry, is it that what the old man saw is not what the current agitators are seeing? Maybe the complexities and dangers that accompany the agitations of old and the great cost in human lives and threat it posed to the country

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