I will invest $2m in Nigeria – Ajay

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printersMr S.G Ajay, is the Chairman, PM Offset Printers, one of the foremost printing presses in India. He was in Nigeria recently for the India show in Nigeria that was held August 25 to 27, 2015 at Eko Hotel. The renowned printer speaks on the printing business and other issues
By Ovie Edomi
We understood you are one of the best printing presses in India?

Yes that is true

Can you share your experience in printing with us?

Since we started 1999 as printer, this company has grown in leaps and bounds. I have received national honours for printing and packaging. In the last 10 years our products have been well recognized and that was what led to the awards/national honours. We do a lot of export to other countries. Including Nigeria. We are here in Nigeria for the first time for this India show. But before now our products have been well received in Nigeria. However,Nigeria has the largest market in Africa

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