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The prolonged prodigious battle, the metaphoric cataclysmic struggle between heaven and earth, in a ubiquitous contention for the most mandatory, obligatory, or deserving abode for the matriarch of the Archbishop Goddowel Avwomakpa Family of Jesus Christ, of Oginibo and the Christ Missionaries Crusaders Church worldwide, with headquarters in Ekpan, Effurun, Delta State, has finally come to a rather abrupt end.

By OvieEdomi

Mamo Victoria Avwomakpa, the matron saint, prayer warrior, fortifying instrument, love-chamber, sous-chef, building block, binding glue and a better half of the General Overseer and President of the Christ Missionaries Crusaders Church, who has been locked down in the grips of divinely inflicted physical instability for well over a decade; fortuitously occasioned between heaven and earth, ostensibly and invariably in a struggle and partition for her domicile.

Incredibly, on the 12th of June, 2020, the same June 12 that Nigerian never forgets Mamo bowed to death. Oh, Mamo, as we her biological and numerous foster and spiritual children fondly called her, decided on heaven

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