FMC Killed My Baby

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Fulfill your project while you are able, for among the dead where one goes, there is no work, planning, wisdom, and knowledge.

Indeed recent findings at the Federal Medical Centre, (FMC), Asaba, Delta State, revealed that most lives are cut-short, not because of the illness that took them to the hospital, but due to the stress they are subjected to.

When this magazine visited the hospital, lack of attention to patients, and insufficient manpower were obvious.

It was while the reporter was on a thorough investigation of the hospital, that Emeka Okowa, 12, not real name, who has been sick for few days, was referred to the Federal Medical Centre, FMC, Asaba, Delta State, by a private hospital where he had earlier been taken to by his family

The first shock of the family was that doctors at FMC rejected the scan brought by Mr. Okowa, Emeka

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