A Unique Women Convention

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The women of Christ Missionaries Crusaders worldwide held an International Convention for 4 days and it turns out to be glorious and spiritually fulfilling for all those who attended

By Gift E. Etinagbedia

The four-days women convention of Christ Missionaries Crusaders worldwide may have come and gone but the memories of the four days event would linger for a long time. However, for Ejiro Okoro nee Avwomakpa who drove in the wee hour of the morning to the clinic to ensure that one of the women who came to the convention had safe delivery, the joy of a new born baby added to the family of Christ missionaries knows no bound. Also reeling from the joy of a successful women convention are Rev Mrs Felicia Ono – Sorhue, National President of the women fellowship, Pastor Mrs Goru Franka and the International women President and Mothers of Mothers, Pastor Mrs Victoria Avwomakpa. They were all beaming with joy as the convention draws to a close

This year’s women convention which promises to be educative, revealing and spiritually rejuvenating, turned out to be one of the best conventions of the ministries in many years. Aside from teachings which dwell on challenges in marriage and how to overcome them, medical practitioners were on ground to attend to the physical health needs of the brethren especially issues relating to sugar level, weight, eye sight, hypertension, diabetes and so on.

However, the empowerment aspect of the women convention was the most emotional. Unknown to numbers of the church, the National President and two other women had put some millions together to buy empowerment products for 25 women to take home to start small businesses. When Rev Mrs Ono-Sorhue began to call the beneficiaries, many of the women could not hide their joy. Some jumped, others shouted and many sang songs of rejoicing. An elderly man who watched the women displayed their joy could not but burst into tears of joy. Turning to the magazine reporter he said ” none of these women knew that a wonderful package await them as they were coming to the convention. How joyful it would be when we shall meet with the Lord and be handed over a crown on the last day he noted looking at the reporter without knowing she was taking note of everything.

The Guest Minister who ministered on the last day of the convention, noted that women are very spiritual- a gift which God has granted every woman, which enable the woman to carry out multiple task at the same time. Besides, the guest speaker noted that women are helpers of destinies. As a result he says, every woman has been assigned to a man. In cases where there are delays, the minister of the word of God urged them to press on and hold on to the word of God till the end. He equally told the women to look up to Jesus, who is the only source of joy and warned them not to allow anybody take the place of Jesus Christ

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