A Dangerous Trend

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A Nigerian living in the United States conceals pump action riffles, 7500 pillets and other military kits in a container

The men of the Nigeria Customs became curious when they observed that the personal effect contained in 2004 model of a Corolla car with Chasis number 2T1BR32E54C309841 were neatly arranged. The curiosity made the eagled-eyed officer to take a second look at the personal effects and while doing a random examination of the well-package items, a military gas mask was found concealed in the car. At that point the Customs officers became amazed and suspicious. Comptroller Yusuf U. Bashar then ordered that the container be turned upside down and a thorough examination carried out.

After the entire examination exercise, in addition to the military gas mask, other items discovered include, 7500 pieces of pallets, military uniform, nine pieces of bulletproof military headmelt, two military boots, one Omini America tatical riffle

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